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02/12/08 04:34 PM
Re: your instinct

Helly Dylansmom,

I also have a daughter who is 5 1/2 and has autism. I also have a neurotypical son who is 4. When he was 2 we also had the dilemma of giving him the shot, or not. We decided to give him separate shots and 3 month intervals. The MMR shot stands for Measles, Mumps and Rubella . Essentially, they are three different shots mixed together. The problem speculated with the old MMR shot was Thimerosal. When the shots were combinend you needed to have a preservative which was Thimerosal which had Mercury in it. If you give the shots separately, there is no Thimerosal. I know they have a 'new' perservative and say they do not use Thimerosal, but how did I know the 'new' preservative would be any better. We used our instinct and decided to give our son shots on different intervals, no preservatives and used a completely different shot schedule. We have even cut out shots that were not completely required or necessary.

I am not a doctor and I am not giving any advice. I am just telling you what we did for our son. We felt that our daughter had autism so we had probable cause to be cautious. So, our caution seems to have paid off. Our son seems fine. I don't know if shots caused my daughter's autism or not. I know a lot of parents who think it has caused their child's autism. My personal belief for us is that our child was predisposed genetically, or was in some way not able to handle the shots. It was roulette for her. We decided not to play roulette again with our youngest child.

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