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04/09/08 02:55 AM
Re: Autism Shirts

I also think t-shirts are a great idea. I have many a time explained to people about Arek's behavior. Now i wear a shirt or he does and it helps people understand. I have actually had people stop and ask about the shirt even when Arek was not misbehaving or even around. It is also a means of generating income for support of Autism related actions. I know I am disabled and can use the money from the sale of T-shirts. My favorite is the I love someone with Autism.
We also have a few shirts available for sell as well at Autism Awareness
To each there own. I like to explain to people at random about Autism or Biolar or whatever issue this world we live in is facing at times. The shirt saying I have Bipolar whats your excuse has really made some people listen and not get offended. Others have quickly just turned and walked a different path as far from me as possible just from seeing the shirt. The message on the shirt is what decides the reaction to the shirt. blah blah sorry rambling on...on...and on... Goodnight

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