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01/03/06 12:31 PM
Re: Question about my son.....please help!

Regarding his speech difficulties. There are two avenues that you didn't mention. One is sign language and the other is using pictures to communicate with. Both have shown to aide in children increasing their speech. You may wish to try taking some digital pictues of things you know he wants but has difficulty asking for. Label them with the correct name. When he points to them, you repeat the name and obtain the object / food for him or, like any other parent, tell him no, later, etc. To train him, take a food object, something small, something he wants, place them in front of you and teach him to hand you the picture in order to get the food. Once learned, try it with something else. Generalizing often happens quickly but if it doesn't, please remember that every child is different. Some really take to sign language quickly and others have difficulty.
Good luck

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