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09/15/08 02:27 PM
Re: newbie... HELP!!!!!!

My daughter was diagnosed about two months ago and everyone said I was crazy that my daughter was just stubborn, it was irritating as her mother because I knew that it was something!!!!! So I deal with it by putting all of my effort and energy toward helping her. I am now a stay at home mom when I'd rather be working. I look at it this way someone out there has it worse than me I am grateful everyday for a small feat that we may have accomplished weeks prior rather than no feats at all. Everyone still says I am nuts, but I am the one who is with her all day everyday. What can you say but okay sure. My husband didn't even want my daughter to have therapy and we were seperated a while because of it, you just need to do what's best for your child and forget about everyone else! YOU are the parent you know best!

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