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01/05/09 10:44 PM
Help w/ fighting school

I am really frustrated because my son is in an integrated program but they only allow him to go an hour and a half a day. The first half hour he is not even in the classroom with the other kids and during speech therapy days he is not in there at all. I keep asking them to increase his time, but they say they do not want incidents in the classroom if they increase his time. He has a one on one and loves school so I do not see why we can not increase him to a half day. I have tried talking to the principal and she just says its not up to me its up to the iep team. When I asked to meet with the IEP team they made a meeting they said we could do it during PT Conferences. At the conference the only one there was his teacher and me with her copy of the iep. I dont know who I can go to for help if the principal wont listen. Does anyone know?

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