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01/23/09 10:11 AM
Re: I'm feeling frustrated

I definetley feel your pain, I am in the same situation, My 3 year old was diagnosed it Oct of 08, right in the middle of me completing my science degree, while working on a research project in the lab. My goal was to become a research scientist, so that I may understand my own illness which is Crohn's. Then when I received the news about my boy, my whole life changed. I couldn't foucus at school, because I worried my child felt abandoned by me, I spent all of my time at school or work. Now, I have dedicated this year to my son's well being, This is not simple, the decisions we have to make..there are sooo may options that it is hard to take in sometimes. Before I left school or work, I would have migraines and my Crohn's flared up. I think it is a long road, and we have to take it one day at a time. ANd financially well that is the real problem, the good news that I have been hearing is there is a lot of financial help available when dealing with children with autism, but I wish you luck, I you feelings are very valid.

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