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12/07/05 03:56 AM
Re: Question about my son.....please help!

Hello Jen, All of our children despite having a common condition have many and varied traits. What you are describing is not that uncommon. Some therapies work better for some than others and children develop at different rates in different areas.

Have you considered your son's diet at all, or the use of supplements. Adopting a gluten free(wheat free)& casein free(dairy free) has according to some, had good results with their childs behaviour and speech.

The use of Omega 3 oils (fish oils) are also claimed to be very effective in developing brain function leading to better speech and behaviour.

These are just two of many areas that need to be looked at.

On a personal level at the time, my son of 7(he is now 11) was put on a gluten free diet. He always had great speech and a huge vocabulary(he has Asperger's) but chose very rarely to talk and almost about nothing except what he wanted to.

Very quickly we noticed a big difference. basically we couldn't get him to shut-up,lol.

Despite this, I am not 100% convinced about the GF diet. I believe that many of th efoods we had to use as substitutes and new foods had their own effect and it wasn't all down to the GF part of it.

It was very difficult implementing the diet as overnight almost all of my son's favourite foods were now off-limits. It was hard turning him down when requesting his favourite food.

Now he reads the labels on the foods to check for himself if they are OK. He still gets disappointed when being turned down over something but not by having a tantrum or meltdown.

Omega 3 oils? we couldn't get him to take it, liquid or capsule form. we mention it occassionally but he point blank refuses to try them again.

Good Luck

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