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04/16/09 04:24 PM
Re: Help w/ fighting school

Don't stop fighting! You are absolutely right in demanding that he gets more time in school, Especially if he has a 1 on 1 and loves to be there! I am in shock that a school would do this! I had to fight our previous school for nearly 18 months just to get my son an iep, and my son had already been diagnosed PDD-NOS, but they said that did not qualify him for services through the district, and eventually they found him eligible under other health impaired for exhibiting symptoms of ADHD. Can you believe that? Don't stop fighting them. Schools are required by LAW to give our children the absolute LEAST retrictive environment to learn in, and an equal right to education and if he's only there an hour and a half, that sounds pretty darn restrictive to me. Hang In there! Knuckle down & Look up some laws on equal rights to education for children with diassabilities, And throw the whole book at them if you have to and tell them you will not go away or stop, and you will go to the district if you have to! That's what I did and it eventually worked! They all sighed when they saw me coming at that school, but i didn't care, becasue it wasn't about me, it was about Gabe getting the help he needed. Good Luck and keep us posted on your progress.

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