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05/14/09 10:53 PM
Daughter Biting Herself

My daughter is on the spectrum and turning three in July. Beginning this past February after a bout with a horrible stomach virus, she turned to biting her hands and much so that she bites the skin.

My husband and I have tried everything from chewy tubes to telling her no to even trying to ignore the behavior. Nothing has been working and our priority has been to protect herself from further harming herself so she wears protective wrist guards. She doesn't bite anyone else...only herself. She bites when frustrated, but also if we are just changing her gloves/guards, she goes to bite. Did anyone have any experience with this and if so, if you have any strategies to share, I'd greatly appreciate.

I've spoken to numerous doctors, therapists, etc. and they claim because she is nonverbal now, she is frustrated and this is what she is doing and will outgrow, etc. I am just desparate for any help or advice - this behavior is so unnerving...

Thanks in advance.

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