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06/10/09 01:22 PM
Re: Autism Shirts

Another thing I have seen and plan to do soon if I get time is to use a business card or even a post card sized little handout. Not to pass out to every person you see, but without fail almost every time we go somewhere I have to say to at least one person "oh, sorry, he has autism". Not that he misbehaves, but because they will say "hey there buddy, what's your name?" or the like, and he doesn't talk or respond. And often they will admit they know very little about the disorder.

Another thing with the shirts that we plan to do is use them to help strangers or even family that aren't as used to Logan realize that he will NOT respond to verbal commands/prompts... recently we were at a graduation party and while my BIL's MIL had the front door open talking to someone my son got out. He was headed straight for the street and the MIL and the other person outside both were saying "hey Logan, come back. don't go in the street." and such, but of course he doesn't respond at all. Luckily the graduate's boyfriend knows Logan very well and he was nearby and heard them calling his name and he ran and got him. These people KNOW he has autism and still don't get that he won't respond.

Not that we let him run free unsupervised, but this was inside a home and he still got out and I do have other kids to watch when we are at parks, so it would ease my mind a little if he had a shirt that said something about not speaking/following directions, but we don't know for sure how to get that out in something 1-2 words and easy to read in an instant.

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