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03/13/08 12:23 PM
Re: Parents of teens with disabilities (xposted)

Hi there I live in Brownsburg,Indiana. My son is 14 and has Asberger's autism. We moved last fall from Indy and the difference in school programs is huge! They did a full blown evaluation for Speech,OT,& PT amoung varies psych evals. He was getting all the necessary therapies and modifications. The class work and "ISTEP" amoung social issues was too much for him. He was destined for failure so the school transferred him to a "non-diploma" track setting. The children have varies disabilities and learn things like "life Skills". My son got to interview (at school) for a job in the cafeteria which he works 50 minutes. He was also paired up w/ one of the custodians for mentoring. Now for the bad news.... my son was expelled from this program due to behavior. He had a fit of rage and could not be calmed down. The school unfortunately had to call the police. (the principal talked to me and was very sympathetic) I had "Manifestation Determination Conference" in whch they are recommending he be sent to a "Behavioral" school which they will be paying for. My problem with this is that he will pick up more negative behaviors. I know that he will also get expelled from this school as well. The next step advised by my Crisis counsler is the "residential" program. This is what I feel he trully needs. My son is 5"10 and weighs 276lbs. He is a huge kid and with all that rage I'm afraid he will hurt someone and go to prison. I also waited to long to try for Medicaid waiver. My son was 8 when he was diagnosed w/ PDD spectrum. I was not prepared for the undertaking of raising a child w/this disorder. I always just assumed that he would live w/ me always. The waiting list for the Medicaid waiver is unfortunately 8 years. ( I just applied las month!) Also in the state of Indiana the trend of politicans was to close the "state-run" institutions. THese folks had 1st priority (and rightly so) on the residential homes so the waiting list will get longer. Had JOrdan not been expelled I believe Brownsburg school would of continued his training and prepared him and assisted him in getting job placement. Over-all I'm impressed w/ Brownsburg's committment to services children w/special needs. also a side note the school had me fill out a form for the local police to register him as a person w/autism. (they know us well!)One fo the police officers lives in my apartment community and will come over to assist when we need help) I hope this helps you in your report. I know I have rambled on alot:)


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