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03/30/08 02:32 AM
Re: Parents of teens with disabilities (xposted)

Dear Sadie:
I am so sorry to hear about your son. My son also has Asperber's but is pretty high functioning because I started working with him when he was three. He is mainstreamed in school but still has meltdowns at home and it causes him extreme dismay. He also has extreme scoliosis and has to have major surgery with a year of recovery. I just went through a divorce and got no alimony, I cannot get any state aid for his asperger's or respite care for when he has the surgery, and his father is not around. With my disability it makes it very difficult but I was turned down for aid as they said "I was making it up" despite the medical records. Please give me any feedback as to where I can go next for help. I have done all his tutoring, behavioral treatment, etc. I am getting burned out. There is no family here and all my friends are in another town.

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