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12/26/09 04:23 PM
Need to Pick Up work Schedule

I am a female that has Autism the Aspergers Kind and I live in a group home and I am wanting to let you know I am being treated Mean at the group home because the group home manager will not help me so I can pick up my work schedule from Charlotte Health Care at 4:00pm and still be able to go on the Outing which is going to the Movies at the Movie Theater. The Group home Manager is Saying that the group home will not take me to go pick up my schedule at Charlotte Health Care and that I have to take the Bus to go pick up my work schedule because her Boss told her I MUST TAKE The Bus to go pick up my work schedule I have tried to explain to the group home manager that if I take the Bus to Charlotte Health Care to go pick up my work schedule I will miss the chance on being able to go to the movies because the bus goes one way down the street near my house. What Can I do ? Is there anyone that can Help me.
If you can help me please message me

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