06/11/06 10:40 AM
Adults with autism support group

My son is a 27 year old young man with autism. He has done quite well - is very verbal, social, works full time at a local hotel, gets to & from work by public transportation, etc. He has friends, is active in various social groups & Special Olympics. One thing that we feel is missing from his life is the regular opportunity to meet with other adults with autism who can understand what he goes through & how he feels better than we, his parents, or his councillor or coworkers can. He would probably have difficulty verbalizing his feelings, but I think he would welcome being with others who just get it. He would probably need a facilitator who would be able to help direct the discussions (this facilitator could be another adult with ASD who has strengths in this area, or not). I know that he is having difficulty with the things that his autism make difficult for him - his younger sister drives, goes away to college, etc. He can't. We live in the Boston metroWest area and would be interested in getting together with others who might be interested in having the same type of group.

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