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05/05/08 06:09 AM
Need some advice

I put in a post on the new members board with a little history. here is a quick summary

It tooke me 5 years to put myself back together. I have tired to work I have had about 15 jobs non that lasted more than 8 months. I then when to Trinidad Sate Junoir College last year to study Heavy equipment operator past my first semester with a B avarage. but in this last semsester everything fell apart like it did in the Navy. and I have been forced to withdraw from classes.

So in summary I have high functioning autsim wich alows me to communicate and semi function but do to my lack of interpersonal skills, wich allow unscrupulos people to attack me for personal gain. I live on my own (I am on SSDI) for now with absolutly no support, and could be homeless in a couple of months.

I probably could use some threapy to help me live a self supporting independent life but there is none. So if anyone on this forum could point me somewher I would appriciate it. I could use all of the help I can get

here is an update. I am defienatly going to be homeless in a couple of months (july) with my student loans comming due, rent, utilities, ect. There is too little money to go around. I can pay some of the things but not all. I would like to find a job but honestly I am not all that stable right now. I am extreemly depressed (honestly I am a bit suicidal, I just don't have the courage too sqeeze the trigger). I could use some therapy and maybe some anti depressents but those put me down and out with the side affects. Or the money to pay for it. however all of that is academic since there are no such services in my area.

honestly I need to get my stuff together or I am going to crash and burn. I would consider relocating anywhere in the US if that would help me find some services.


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