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05/28/08 07:58 PM
Re: No friends

Was reading your post and it really hit home- My son is also 18 and does not have any real friends!! His classmates do not include him or invite him to social functions. He does have a friend that is 3 yrs. younger. As Jeremy matures he sees that he does not fit in as he does not have a girlfriend and does not like to participate in the activities that go with being 18!! He loves video games and would play them for 24 hrs. a day if I let him!!! He has had a reaaly stressful school year with not having anyone to go to prom with and sitting alone at school functions, being teased, called names, and having money stolen from him. He has gotten to the point whre he wants to be home schooled and not even go on to his senior year. He will be attending a forum in July in Ames, IA. for kids with disabilities. He was chosen out of 25 from accross the state. We live in rural Iowa in a town of about 350. Jeremy drives 12 miles one way to school. He has a part time job this summer working at a restaurant in town! Hopefully this will give him some confidence and show him how to be responsible. Our future is unsure but we do know that with a lot of love and support we can work together to ensure that this young man is special!!!

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