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08/08/06 09:57 PM
Re: Ben Fiengold and the Feingold Diet

We are GF/CF, soy free, sugar free, nut free, poultry free, and anything else free except: organic and non processed fresh fruits, select vegetables, and lamb. And still for our 3 year old we found very similar results with regard to phenol sensitivity. We haven't had the problem though with B-6 however, I will now watch for it... What I wanted to mention was the use of No-Phenol by Houston's it has made things much better for us. In fact that is how we figured it out (ran out of the enzymes tracked back to what changed) He has to take the enzymes with each phenol food (sprinkled on top) but he doesn't seem to mind.. With Ryan's diet being so limited we needed an option, mainly for his carrot juice that is used to dissolve his supplements.
Oh yeah the tell-tale sign for Ryan is a red spot above his lip!!! (he is NEG to all HSV) It will appear and then with the enzymes dissapear... also his strange behavior and stimming is hard to miss!! The behavior takes longer to disappear then the lip thing... usually about 24 hours post non-enzyme phenol exposure.

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