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06/11/06 09:45 PM
Re: Hello, I am new

Hi, I think this website will be great.. found it through schafer report.
I really like the function of putting in your zip code... and hopefully finding people in your area [we need play dates that we don't have to justify our treatments/diet with.] We recently moved to Lynchburg, Virginia to find care for our 2nd child, Ryan. Ryan is 3 years old and was diagnosed with severe autism at age 2. We knew when he was much younger and wasted lots of time waiting for the diagnosis. He is doing remarkably better now. We are doing everything with the DAN protocols {modified {more strict} SCD diet, daily MB12 shots, mega-supplements, enzymes, anti-fungal treatment, gut infection treatments, HBOT, weekly IV glutathione, a home ABA program, and currently AIT.} So if anyone needs morale support or a cheerleader for any of the above just let us know. We will be traveling the next 3 weeks {we leave on 6/15], so if I don't answer quickly that is why.. but in July things will settle down. Our next step is to look at anti-viral therapy and then chelation. So anybody with great results or insights let me know.

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