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06/13/06 03:15 PM
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First thing: Remember that you and your family are not alone, even if it seems like it sometimes. Having a Child with Autism puts you in a category unto itself, that only other parents with Children with Autism grok. At the Very Least, you now have us on this board to help you with some of the things that you are or will deal with. And while we may not be able to give you a physical hug, we can be with you in text.

To answer your question (based upon my own experience with Connor, also diagnosed at 25 months) Applied Behavioral Analysis, Speech and Language, and Occupational Therapy are a good start, but there are so many ways to address your specific child's needs.

Unfortunately, because each child is different, and exhibits different symptoms (and possibly caused by different biological or psychological challenges) it is a trial and error approach to making them better.

My recommendations for getting information are the Shafer Report and the Autism Research Institute. If you can also get in touch with a Doctor in your area who follows (or is willing to follow) the DAN! Protocols, grab on and don't let go.

We also had an "accidental" son, 20 months after Connor was born and before he was diagnosed, and we watched him like a hawk for ANY regression... He hasnt been vaccinated with anything that I didnt go over with a fine tooth comb. (I personally lean into the Thimerasol Etiology Camp, but I do see some credence in the Measles/Gut Theory as well.) Connor is responding well to B12 shots, a MegaVitamin (Lee Silsby Powder), TMG (Trimethylyglyciene), and B6/Magnesium wafers. We are gearing up for chelation as soon as the doc says Go!

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