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04/11/11 12:58 AM
My son was DX with Autism


I am new to this board and need some info. I have an 11 year old boy that was just dx with autism on thursday. He was prevously DX with bipolar disorder until he changed doctors and the new doctor said he does not have bipolar. But.. he was taking abilify 2mg 1x a day and the doc took him off of it and now he's flipping out. I mean he sounds like he is demon possessed!

I tell him to do something and he goes crazy. He acts like he's suicidal. Last night he put his hands around his neck and started choking himself. He told me while crying that people at school make fun of him. He said that he wanted to runaway. I just don't know what to do he's an emotional wreck. I just spent tons of money on doctors and meds,which the doc put my son on a stimilant pill because of his autism. Is this normal behavior for an autistic child coming off of abilify?

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