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04/13/11 12:08 PM
Re: Greetings from Western Wisconsin!

Hi aspiemomofjacob! (Kelly is shorter. I'll stick with that.) We have had great experiences in our public school system. We live in a mid-size community 65,000 or so, so the school district is big--and has a lot of resources. I have heard stories from parents who live in smaller school districts that have not had success with their particular schools--teachers who don't understand, won't comply or make accomodations, smaller circle of support for them as parents, etc. To say "it all depends" may not sound like much of an answer, but our experience shows it to be true for us. I know people who home school their children with AS, and it is both stressful and rewarding. I could never do it because my son is so much better than me at Math! (95% on all the state tests, C's in class--sound familiar to anyone?)

I have a nephew and his family who live Joliet. Their daughter has autism--not AS, just more non-verbal--and she has started Kindergarten this year. They had struggles at the beginning of the year to get her going--and to get teachers to understand! The Special Ed. teachers get it--it's the Regular Ed. teachers who have had little training about autism and the spectrum that give most parents in the public school system the most fits. Not all, but some. We've had great teachers who have been very acommodating, and some who just didn't get it. The key is to get to know the teachers, see what their knowledge and experience about AS is. We had an art teacher a few years ago who told us that she had a student with AS once. Well, that was once, and this is our son. He isn't the same as that other student. You have to educate them as much as they educate your child. Sometimes, you have to go with your gut. That instinct as a parent that tells you if it feels right or not. For us, public school has been the right choice. Especially as teachers have now had both boys, and see the differences as well as the similarities. We build the relationships, and keep working together. That needs to happer no matter where you educate your child.

Kinda long-winded, but I hope it helps a little!

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