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11/23/07 05:39 AM
2 year old autistic son

My son has not been officially diagnosed but I know the behaviors and h is being evaluated to see if he is on the autism spectrum. Now i know that the spinning, tantrums, staring behavior, all of the basic symptoms, most of which he shows. Now I have a question that may sound like I'm being crude, but i am genuinely curious. My son has recently started showing signs that he is ready to potty train. He has also started holding his pee lately, and being a big boy, when he finally does go, he usually pees right through the diaper. Toninght he peed through his diaper, and instead of just rolling off to the side and going back to sleep like he usually does, (he sleeps very little, but when he does it is almost impossible to raise him), he just laid in it and screamed. When i went to chaeck on him he was also licking it off his mattress in between screams. He had it in his eyes, and wasn't attempting to wipe them like he normally does when something is irritating them. He has already experienced some lnguage regression, so mu question is this, has anything similiar happened to anyone on this board. I am concerned that he could be losing some of his logic skills, and I really don't want that to happen. I am willing to do whatever I have to to help my son.

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