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01/07/08 09:34 AM
Re: Toddler Diagnosed with Autism (Moderate)

Couple of things jumped out at me from your post.

1) A two year old who is verbal but not making sentences is not that abnormal. Age two is a bit young for a diagnosis, have you sought a second opinion?

2) If your son does have autism, you probably want to get him off the Pediasure. This product has milk and soy, two ingredients that have been known to exacerbate autism symptoms. Try rice or potato milk instead.

You may see a big difference once the Pediasure is eliminated. Do some research on the effects of Casein (protein found in milk & dairy products) on children with autism and you will definitely think twice about giving him the Pediasure.

There are other ways to get him his nutrients he needs....the soups are great...but also, there are vitamins that can be ground down into his food/soup, etc.

Hope this helps.

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