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01/07/08 03:50 PM
Re: Toddler Diagnosed with Autism (Moderate)

There are two opinions from two different group of experts. My son does exhibit the bizarre behaviors associated with Autism. With respect to the Pediasure, he is doing a lot better with it, than with anything else. Soups he will do sometimes, but not all the time. He eating is very erratic since he does not want to put anything in his mouth, just lick everything like a lolly pop. If I put anything in a sippy cup he would spill it out of his mouth, so he is bottle fed. The pediausure that my son takes is soy based, has not glutten and no lactose.

He does have echolalia, spins, obsesions with wheels (cars), violent meltdowns, problems with transitions. Sorry, I did not write enough, but the baby takes a lot of time an effort care for.

Currently, he is attending an Early Start Program, which is a therapy based preschool. However, today it was not a good day and kept melting down, throwing himself on the floor, would not eat and was all around difficult.

Thanks for responding and the information.


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