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02/09/08 07:55 PM
Autism & Craniosynostosis

Hi I am new here.
I was wondering if anyone has had a child that had ever be diagnosed with autism/pdd and craniosynostosis.
My daughter--5yrs now has metopic cranio; she had surgery at 16 mons. She now has or always has had SI dysfunction. She had to go through speech therapy and occupational therapy after the surgery. Her speech took off-with some eating problems though---which she still has. She is very smart for her age. She is still in preschool--but in a Early Education Program preschool. I wonder if she has some other issues though. She hasn't been diagnosed with autism or PDD --but wondering if her behaviour changes can be from that. We need some answers. We are new here in Oregon, origanally from Southern Cal. In Cal. she only recieved help from EI until she was 3yrs. Here she will recieve help until she is in Kindergaten.
Thanks for listening.

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