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03/27/09 09:39 PM
Looking for Volunteer work or a Job

I am a female that has Autism the Aspergers kind. I am not feeling good My Job changed my status to PRN As Needed status. Because of this I am in need of a new Job and because of my current job my Job coach, group home , Voc Rehab and my case manager will not help me about getting a new job. I have some questions my questions are:
1. I am in need of a new job because my job status is at PRN As Needed How can I look for a Job I do not drive or have transportation and need help with looking for a job?
2. Is there anyone that can work with me on looking for a Job
3. Is there anyone that can help me with finding some volunteer work?
4. I am suppose to be out of my group home between 9:00am-2:00pm either working or volunteering somewhere every single day is there an agency that can help me find some volunteer work
5. Is there an agency that can help me with looking for a Job because if I go to Goodwill etc... they tell me to go to Voc Rehab.

If you know the answers please message me.


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