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07/23/09 03:02 AM
Re: Hi everyone~ new here but not to autism

Hello Nicole my name is Mona my son is 8yrs old Doesn't speak, still chews on everything he still bangs his head when he is upset smears poop all over himself, He is scared of everything tho, takes forever to try something new. still eats with his hands certain bowls certain place in his table where his plate, bowl or cup must be put on table,Does not play with toys, but likes when we play on the computer, as for my daughter she is 10. She will chew on stuff every in awhile things have to be in certain order for dinner also she smells everything,she plays with her toys,also likes playing and drawing on the computer, She stop biting but now rub or tug on her arms or face till it raw,she too is scared of everything,she doesn't scream like she used for no reason also,things that do make her upset different things all the time, She babbles, cry's , goes on for days sometimes. People will tell me she is being a spoiled Brat, I just tell these people I'm sorry but it's so much more then that... i guess what I'm saying Get her tested and as early as you can... Thank you so much... Mona The Tired...

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