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07/05/06 09:28 PM
Re: Methyl B-12 and Autism

Hey all. I am new to the group but very OLD to MB12...been using it since Jill James first got hooked on the down syndrome/autism similarities. My twins one w/ Down Syndrome and one with autism sparked the interest...ANYHOW, are you all using FOLINIC and TMG? Just wondering because we know some kids do better on the triad and some do worse. Sometimes you just have to tweak to get what works for your child. I know of one autistic child who cannot do folinic because his speech slows considerable...seems the MB12 injections opened up the pathway only to meet another blockage (adenosine deaminase deficiency). My daughter w/ arthritis cannot do folinic either, flares every time but she does terrific on MB12 (seems adenosine is elevated in arthritis and my guess is the folinic overloads the system with adenosine.) Anyhow, we see Dr. Cutler in Niagara Falls NY and Dr. Kalpana Patel in Cheektowaga NY. Both use MB12 in their practices. Medicaid covers it in NY (compounded so we don't have preservatives) and they also cover the folinic. I don't get to my mail consistently, usually a month or so behind, be patient if you need input...I had 4 kids in 4 years and three of them have 'issues'

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