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04/16/09 04:07 PM
Re: Need to know I'm not alone....

Thank you so much! From the bottom of my heart I thank you for taking the time to share your story with me. I have felt so Isolated, and my husband does the same thing too, when Gabe is in one of his better cycles my husband goes through the whole, "there's nothing wrong with him, he's just an active Boy, and just immature for his age, I was the same exact way when I was a kid" and it makes me question myself and the dr.'s too. And then when the bad cycles start again, it's like whoa!!!! Where did this come from? I thought this was over with, I thought he had matured or whatever. I had no idea others experienced these cycles as well...That is such a relief! I think my husband has a difficult time admitting there is something different about Gabe, because it would mean admitting that there is something different about himself, and that he passed these challenges on to our son. Although knowing where he is coming from does help a little, it's still incredibly difficult not having his Full Time support. I have 2 daughters as well, 1 is almost 10 and the other almost 1 year. My eldest definitely has a hard time understanding all of this, though I try my best to make sure she never feels slighted for attention or my time. What do you do? Are there any therapies you have tried? I just started the elimination diet with my son yesterday, and I pray it helps him. He has a very difficult time with ibs and stomach cramping and I had no idea until yesterday that it's linked with Gluten and Casein intolerance and Autism. We received our diagnosis in January of 07 and it's been a roller coaster ride ever since. Trying to do what's right for Gabe, trying to convince my husband that Gabe needs to be treated differently when it comes to discipline etc...I know I'm babbling on and on now, I've just never had anyone to talk to that understands...

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