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04/16/09 04:52 PM
Re: eating difficulties in 3yr old with PDDNOS

WOW, I just have to point out that almost every food that you all are mentioning Contains high amounts of Gluten or Casein. I just started my 6 yr old w/ PDD_NOS on a Gluten Free Casein free diet yesterday, and was googling for several hours about it. I learned that children with a Gluten or casein sensitivity or intolerance, actually Crave those foods and can actually have an addictive behavior towards them. The reason for this is that the proteins Gluten (from wheat) and casein (from dairy) are not properly broken down in these children, and to make a long story short, have an opiate like effect on these kids. So basically they are addicted to these foods. Which is why it's all they want to eat. It also can account for a high tolerance to pain and some of the behaviors that they have. Just imagine giving a 3 year old morphine every day. Of course they would behave differently right? I encourage you all to research this possibility in your children and see if you think it's worth looking into. I know it is for us. Also my son has always had terrible ibs, which I discovered is a symptom of Gluten intolerance as well....Good Luck!

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