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04/17/09 05:46 PM
Re: Need to know I'm not alone....

It is a relief to me as well. I tried finding families locally and there were some, but their children were non-verbal and they were teenagers. Ever since Judson could get out of his crib he has been into everything. We got pregnant with our youngest child when Judson was only 6 months old and that was way before we knew anything was different about him. Judson was 8 weeks premature, and I tried forever to figure out how my son became autistic and there is just no way to really know. Was there anything that happened during your pregnancy or after that you think you could attribute to his PDD-NOS? Does your son attend public or private school? Our son started public school at age 3. He was also diagnosed with ADHD along with PDD-NOS. He is going into the 1st grade this coming school year. He did therapudic riding for 2 years. He sees an occupational therapist once a week and receives astronaut therapy(I think that is what it is called). He has some major sensory issues. He has a speech therapist and sees her once a week as well. We have not tried the elimination diet yet, but are considering it. Does your son sleep well? This is a major area of concern in our home. Judson has never slept well. It is like having a newborn who needs to be feed every 2-3 hours except instead of lasting a few months it has lasted for almost 7 years. We hope that things get better as he gets older, but I guess I have been reading too much because it sounds like sometimes it gets worse. Thank you for your post, it is comforting to be in a similar situation. Sometimes that is what really keeps me going. - Pam

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