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07/21/09 09:38 PM
Moving to Contra Costa County

My son is 3 and was DX with PDD in Sept of 08, he has an awesome Early inervention program, referred to by our regional center, that provided him with 15 hrs of therapy 5 days a week. Amazing progress he made. He is now 3 and in a center based EIBT program and gets 25-30 hrs a week along with involving him in a mock preschool MWF from 8:30-12. I am having to move because of the unexpected death of my husband a few months ago. I live in Stanislaus county and am moving to Contra Costa county where they do not offer a center based EIBT program. Does anyone have any information about any center based program? I am waiting for his paperwork to be transferred from regional center to regional center. I like to be on top on my options so I am trying to get as much information as possible. He does have an IEP and I do know I need to be going through the school district. Apparantly the staff does not come back until the end of August?? So any information will help thank you!

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