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03/15/07 12:16 AM
please help

Hi my name is Paula and I just found out yesterday that my son has pdd nos. He is 7 now, but I suspected for a long time that something was wrong. He has had special services since he was 18 months, but no one was comfortable "giving him a label." Well here is my first of many questions I am sure. Right now we live in Lincoln Nebraska, but our house is on the market because we have been relocated. My husband got a job in Lafayette Louisiana. When I spoke with the doctors yesterday, they did not have any positive insight for me to help my son when it came to services and schools for that state. Does anyone know of where in Louisiana that we can get good services and schools. I have told my husband that if we have to be a weekend couple for 1-2 years then we will. (we don't plan on being there long)Please if anyone has any input for me I would love to hear it because I just don't know where to go or even where to start looking. Thank you

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