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03/10/08 10:28 PM

My son is 12 and has pdd nos. He shows no remorse when he does something wrong. Last week he was mad because his brother was invited to go to a school party with his cousin and he wasn't. He took the phone and threw it at the tv which was a nice LCD. We cannot afford to get another one. We used the card for that one. He never has and still shows no remorse for it. That gets to me more than the tv being broken. I have been trying to teach him about remorse and how he should be acting instead for yrs and so have psychologists. He's had social skills training at school. every day they have a mental health practioner in the classroom. You could never tell that he's had social skills training. He shows no remorse if he hurts someone, he is bossy. Everything has to be his way, and I never give in and he just doesn't learn. Do any of your children act like this? He also may be bipolar, but is definitly pdd and sometimes I forget about the pdd, that he may not understand something and that's why he gets mean. It's hard to tell the difference.

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