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03/29/08 12:05 PM
Re: remorse


I'm new to posting on boards, but felt compelled to respond to your message. Our 10 year old son also has pdd nos (with tourettes). Our child behaves much the same as yours. He now "acts" remorseful, to stem the disciplinary action that follows, but it is certainly not heart-felt. Also, we are trying to get additional assistance at school, but certainly to this point no amount of "social training" has had any affect on his behavior. He simply does what he wants to do, and becomes "enraged" if that does not happen. Unfortunately, this behavior has alienated his peers at school, and now has no "friends" that want to play with him.

Your last statement about confusing pdd with simple childhood misunderstanding is something that I struggle with daily. Last week, my son stuck a bare electrical wire into a wall outlet....SPARK!!!! The breaker tripped and the lights went out! Luckily he was not hurt. Now, shouldn't a 10 year old know better? I felt the best way to deal with this and other incidents is a result of his PDD-NOS. Just like your son has a lack of remorse, our son has a lack of considering "Consequence". All actions are spur-of-the-moment...without considering the results of his behavior.

So we empathize with your situation. By the way, what medications are prescribed to your son?

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