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01/03/10 11:53 PM
Re: PENNSYLVANIA - One of the top three states.

Mavo68: I work with children with Autism, and I have a client who attends a school in the Wilson district. Overall, I've heard wonderful things about the schools, but not so wonderful things about the Autistic support class rooms. These rooms are often lead by individuals who have little education/experience in Autism treatments. I'd look into the class rooms...even request a visit to see the way things are really run. I've been in numerous schools where things are a lot different on the inside than what they lead parents to believe.
As for Vista in is a FANTASTIC educational center for children with Autism. I'm actually in my final semester of my Master's degree program and I am an intern at the school. I have learned so much, and have EXTREMELY high standards now for which agency I would choose to work for. Any district who says they wouldn't refer to Vista if that is what a child obviously not looking out for the best interest of the child.

Good luck in your endeavors!

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