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11/26/10 03:12 AM
Re: Nevada

Are you asking for adults or children? I can tell you as a mom of a 31/2 year old little boy with Autism here in Reno we are actually taking steps to move out of the state. We have literally gone bankrupt in under two years trying to provide our son with help. We did manage to pass some insurance laws last year that are supposed to go into effect in 2011. (I'm not holding my breath though, it will take a couple years to get insurance companies to fully implement them).

My husband and I receive 1,500 a month through the state. But they've yanked it away and cut all the Autism funding and then reinstated it twice in the last two years and I've heard it's up on the chopping block again for this next year so you can't really even count on it.

We work with the Lovaas Center out of Vegas. A behavioral consultant flys up once a month for 1 day and that costs $1,000. (not including airfare, transportation) We have two behavioral tutors that work under the direction of the our consultant at a rate of $12/hr between the two of them they make up 25 therapy hours a week and I do the remaining 5-10 hours myself. So one of the tutors hours are almost completely covered and the other we pay out of our own pocket as well as any speech, OT, gym class, music class etc.. My husband and I spend roughly $2k a month out of our own pocket and it takes it's toll very quickly.

We originally sought help through the University of Nevada but they wanted almost $3k a month,likewise with other behaviorist in town. One wanted $200/hour. If you really want to know what it's been like dealing with Autism here in NV I snapped one day and started a blog because I couldn't hold everything in anymore...:)

There is a whole post about trying to find help here. My honest advice is if you have to move here go to Vegas, while state resources are just as limited there, they are light years ahead of the rest of the state as far as available Autism Services. They also have a really strong Autism community whereas the Reno/Sparks community is very split and very political and really self serving.

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