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04/19/07 09:45 AM
Best and Worst States for Autism

I found this website this morning after watching the Senate Appropriations Committee on Autism Treatment Funding yesterday. Your organization or website was not mentioned, but the spokeswoman from the Autism Society of America stated that she lived in Montgomery County Maryland. Further, she stated that this county was in the top 10 counties treating Autism in America and that her son, whom is Autistic, is receiving magnificent help through the county. We moved to Maine from Northern Virginia where my Autistic son has received FREE ABA therapy for 16 months in a private school which excepts private/public funding through a funding vehicle called the Katy Beckett Fund. It has made all of the difference in the world for my son and our family. In Virginia, we could not get him much. Prince William county offered very little speech therapy in a very grim setting.

He is now considered mainstreamed by the school that gave him 6+ hours of ABA everyday and is entering kindergarten this fall. We still have concerns, and know that ongoing care, treatment and educational needs must continue for his needs. Although we know Maine is better than northern Virginia (where we are from originally) we are considering the Wilson School District in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania just outside of Reading PA.

Even though this website site or organization was not mentioned in the Senate yesterday, it prompted me to do a google search on the "state for the best autism help" and I found a link to a different website that quoted your survey of the best states.

Apart from the states that listed your organization has listed, you also made mention that there were other states that easily could have made the list. Where does Maine, Pennsylvania, and Maryland rank?

We need to decide where to go next. We have opportunities in both states with regards to work or could even go back to Virginia and possibly Loudon or Fairfax county if they have made improvements in the last 16 months that we have been in Maine.

Any help you can give with regards to these states is greatly appreciated.


Eric Alderman

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