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05/18/07 10:40 AM

Thanks Bob for your important message . I live in Colorado where we get no services. I recently be falsely accused of child sexual abuse in which I finially had all charges dropped and my son remains forever out of the horrid Colorado public school system. We were a military family.

WE had excelent services in Pemberton Township New Jersey. I thought it be a great idea we move to Trinidad Colorado where I grew up at. Big mistake. The local schools would only give him a few hours a day. They loose him and on top of it all they would strip him naked looking for abuse to document. This year I moved to Pueblo WEst Colorado where I was falsely accused of sexual abuse.

Family support is nonexistant. Colorado is local control and one doesnt know what there going to get from one county to another. Las Animas county refused to help me with family support and Pueblo county has this huge waiting list.

Colorado people only care about parks, roads and recreation. Education is a joke here. Part B funds are spent on gifted students because Colorado taxpayers feel taht special needs children like my son are a waste of there monies. We want to move and this time we are sure to do our homework. Bob you are helping us prevent another Colorado incident.

Thank you

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