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05/19/07 12:24 PM
Re: More about Ohio on the list

Our experiences in securing appropriate services for our 11-year old son in Ohio with PDD-NOS and ADHD has been nothing short of a struggle every step of the way. As an informed parent and special education advocate, no matter what it always comes down to money. School funding is a huge issue in Ohio. Regardless of what the law says (and it is necessary to come prepared knowing your rights), the schools never offer anything that you don't demand. We've come to studying case law in order to secure the many services we have received for our son - as the school would rather pay the cost of the service than the cost of due process. My best advice if you're considering a move to Ohio is to get involved with your local SERRC (Special Education Regional Resouce Center)and the OCECD (Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities)- and KNOW THE LAW! Our kids are entitled to so much more than they actually receive - and the fight just should not be so hard! Regarding specific schools for kids with autism in the Cleveland area, The Monarch School ($60,000 per year) and the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism (long waiting list) have excellent reputations, but they typically do not serve higher functioning kids.

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