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09/28/07 10:27 PM
Virginia & West Virginia

Virginia lags behind all but two states in spending on developmental disorders. It is now considering a state agency "home" for autism and other dd's. Some are pushing that it be included under the troubled Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services (DMHMRSAS) while many of us favor the creation of a new agency to deal with autism and other dd's. If you are a Virginian who thinks autism should not be thrown into the sinking DMHMRSAS, you can write to the Joint Commission on Health Care at sareid@leg.state.va.us or fax them at (804)786-5538. Tell them you favor the agency proposed by Parents of Autistic Children of Northern Virginia. It is called DAUTLIDD. DMHMRSAS can't handle the responsibilties it already has on its plate. Autism will get lost in the shuffle if it is sent to DMHMRSAS.

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