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01/04/08 02:56 PM
I need help...

My husband is in the military. My son is mod. classic autism (is verbal and responding well to ABA, biomed). My husband recently talked to his boss about PCSing (moving) to a location where we could get more services. Basically, we have no private speech, no private OT, no private PT. He gets 5 hours a week of speech at school, 1 hour a week of OT, and 10 hours of ABA (which I do on my own, and I'm not qualified). We are authorized 20 hours a week at $2500 cap, but the only person who will come out is charging $12000 for the first visit (we are very very very rural). So my husband put in for reassignment. We have to have a ranked ordered list to his boss by Monday. Here are the cities we can go to, what are your opinions about services (not ranked ordered):
1. Omaha, NE
2. Tampa, FL
3. Washington DC
4. Virgina Beach, VA
5. Colorado Springs, CO
6. San Antonio, TX
7. Baltimore, MD


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