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05/04/08 02:56 PM
Re: Where to move???

Hello, I joined this forum in Alaska - somewhat good services there - better when the person is older. Although we have Fragile-x syndrom with Autism. I recently moved down to the lower 48 with my two adult boys. We were aimed to Ohio but ended up in West Virginia. I wouldn't recommend either of these states for services. As my cousin - in Ohio - has a son with autism and fragile-x and the schools seem to not want to deal with him.

I can't speak to much for Ohio on a personal note, but for a government that doesn't care about people with disabilities go to West Virginia. We will not be here more than a couple of years if I can help it (unless things change) as in this state when you collect disability from social security the DHHR office ( welfare office ) says you are too rich and so you do not get a check from the state. They count social security income here. You do get medicaid - however it is limited - . I of course am speaking as a mom of two adult children ( over the age of 18).

My first thought when I found this out was GREAT! I get finally down to the lower 48,( in a beautiful state no less ) and we end up in a state that basically doesn't want anyone who can't "hold their own". $100 a month may not seem like much, but since my boys are not able to hold a job but maybe an hour a week, $100 is alot. It just feels like we are for sure not wanted here, and I really don't want to be a "bother" to anyone.

I'm told West Virginia has about a year or more wait list for waiver services, which is WAY better than Alaska's time frame, in Alaska we waited about 8 years before we got services. I don't know about Ohio's wait list time frame.

Ohio at least gives about $100 a month I'm told for people with disablities. Alaska gives more, but the cost of living is higher up there.

Oh, I think Idaho is another state that counts social security income. From what I have found on the internet - which isn't much - the states were given the ability to govern their own welfare programs back in the late 90's by the federal government, this is one of the results.

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