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07/07/08 08:25 AM
i need help!

i am new to this post,i can say is services here are o.k.
my husband drives trucks for a living and wants to move out to greensville N.C.I have made a few calls to see what services are available for my 6 yr old that was diagnosed at 18 mths with autism.My son is in a great school has a fantastic developmental pediatrician,he gets SSI and we have florida medicaid with covers ? is are there good services in that area?I am afraid of just going to another state with my eyes closed and finding out after i get there that i made a big mistake.Also are son likes to run off and we have him on Project lifesaver which is an ankle bracelet with a tracing system that if he takes off,I call 911 and they would have helicopters out immediately and that would help locate him it 9is also waterproof.I have not checked out if this system is in other states but it is a son being non verbal makes it hard for communication we are still working on getting consistent with his use of PECS-picture exchange communication system
i would appreciate any info or advice

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