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07/28/08 10:29 PM
Re: New York does not offer anything

I Live in NY and if you are a single parent there is no help available. I have a son who is 11 yrs old,and high functioning autistic. He gets to float through the school grades. He is entering 7th grade and they did not teach the children script. They discontinued it, it is not necessary I was told.
If you are not financialy able to send your child to camp for the summer they sit and do nothing. This is heartbreaking to have to be at work all day and know your child is doing nothing productive with his time of on summer vacation.
It is all about the money. Who is making the most and if you are not then you just waste your time. This is disgusting to see the pain in a childs eyes because he sits all day in his room by himself, while I am at work. Then by the time I come home he is depressed. I have been in touch with everyone. Believe me there is nothing available in NY

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