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11/09/08 12:11 PM
Re: Tampa, Florida or Rochester, Minnesota ???

Not sure about MN, but Florida is pretty average. For being the fourth largest state in the country in terms of population, it actually is behind the curve for services.

Having said that, we have been very fortunuate to get a Mckay Scholarship for our child, which is a good amount of funding where we can send him to a private school and have enough money for extra services such as a shadow or an SLP.

To qualify for McKay, your child will have to spend at least one full year in the public school system and have an IEP for one year. For info here:

Other than getting a McKay, your options are fairly limited to chapters of local autism organizations and help within the public schools. And keep in mind, the McKay does not come immediately, it will be at least a year before you see any help from the state.

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