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05/14/08 01:18 PM
Resource Coming

I have a child with some obvious neuro imbalances, he was evaluated by the school system the other day and scored off the charts, of course, when he's the only one in the room, with 4 adults paying undivided attention to him, he's awesome! Anyone else gone through this? I'm also working with Heal Sick Children a campaign to tell others about a neurological research center (through the research I found our that he's not what society calls 'normal' like his 9 yr old unbelievably brother-frustrated sister). I'm thinking if enough of us talk loud they'll start researching a more holistic approach to neuro challenges, i think it's more of a nutrient deficiency than most people like to admit.....let me know what you think and the answers you'd like to see this children's neuro research center provide for you... take a look at the 'corporate' type video, but you'll get the picture (we're working with them on getting more real, as we speak). They want to help our kids, so I'm helping them. Video for TCH feel free to email us, or give us your blog so we can help you tell your friends about the center..and I want your feedback to help this thing be more than it ever could be for our kiddo's.

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05/14/08 07:36 PM
Re: Resource Coming

i agee 100% i am a big advocate on this if there is anyything i can personaly do for you let me know

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