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05/30/07 01:33 PM
switching classes

I have an 11 year old son with high functioning autism. He had to switch classes for a few weeks this year and had a lot of anxiety and did not do well with switching. He will be in 5th grade and expected to switch next year. He will have the same homeroom teacher next year that he had this year. She sent me an email today that she is concerned about him switching and asked for ideas on how she can help him. She is wonderful and willing to try anything. We would like to come up with some ideas over the summer so we can have a meeting before school starts with the principal and all staff that will be working with him and decide what might help him. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.



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01/03/08 01:39 AM
Re: switching classes

Maybe coming up with a schedule or agenda of what happens next or teaming him with a buddy for a few weeks? Cole has had an aide up until this year in the class for him- I worried about that tranisition but he has done great. Maybe having your son meet the new teacher beforehand ?

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03/30/08 02:44 AM
Re: switching classes

Write me and I will tell you what I did with my son in regard to the school and at home.

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