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03/09/07 06:00 PM
Brain Problem

Hello everyone, first message on this forum!

I've known about my AS since I was around 14. I've been diagnosed since I was 10 (my mother didn't tell me).

I've had a lot of support with my issues and so have overcome most of the problems associated with AS.

I recently moved into a house, total culture shock. The day I moved in something weird started happening with my brain.

I've tried to explain this to many people including two doctors because I've been feeling this for a number of months now and I hate it.

When you are really, really tired you feel detached and retracted from the world, like you arn't in full control. Similar as to when you have drunk a little too much but arn't drunk yet. I get this constantly... 24 hours a day!

Has anyone else experienced this? I hate it SO much, I don't know what's caused it or how to get rid of it... I'm at my wits' end...


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11/28/07 09:35 PM
Re: Brain Problem

I know this feeling I call it a car sick floaty feeling. I normally feel this way for many reason ( Sensory over load would be the main reason I feel it) Being to run down or stressed and sometime common illness colds flu & even some allergies I have.

The second major problem I have that causes this is low blood sugar (I tend to for get to eat and have low blood sugar sorta like if a diabetic takes to much insulin)

Do you ever feel sick at your stomach when this happens, or weak and shaky? After eating does the feeling go away if so you may need to have your blood sugars checked. I have whats called fasting hypoglycemia.

I hope you feel better soon.

Take care,

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