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03/06/11 10:26 PM
Appropriate adult interaction with parent

My son is an 18 year old high functioning autistic individual. I have had him involved in intervention since he was 3 years old. With my help, he has made great strides in managing his autism over the years. His father and I have been divorced for 14 years. His father does not understand autism and has always treated my son as if he is a child. Upon his 18th birthday, my son and I discussed appropriate adult interaction with his father. His father is upset that my son will no longer continue regular visitation, as he is working and has many other school and social activities taking up his time. My son gets very emotionally upset when he makes decisions regarding when he will see his father and his father becomes defensive and tries to persuade him to continue the regular visitation. I was wondering if anyone may have some experience or suggestions related to such a situation. I welcome any input. It is very difficult to see my son so upset when he is trying so hard and his father makes things worse. Thank you.

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